San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Hot Items and Exclusives


San Diego Comic-Con is fast approaching!  Toys, guest speakers, excusive first looks, and fans by the thousands!  It is one of the great gatherings of the year to celebrate Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comics and cosplay galore!  One of the great tasks of SDCC goers is hunting!  Forget the deer and pheasants.  No these fans are after exclusives that will only be found here at SDCC, unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg for them on Ebay later.  Here are some of the hot targets for this year’s Con.

These items may not be exclusives from Bioworld but they will be debuting there.

atat set – wallet/chain, hat, backpack $60

This 3-piece set is a great looking set based off of the Hoth AT-AT pilots.  All three pieces have a great and unique design to them.

Hoth Han Solo set – keychain, hat, backpack $50

This 3-piece set is based off of Han Solo and his Hoth gear.  You get an awesome lanyard combined with a sweet hat and styling backpack.  A very cool set!

Women’s Han Solo Set $50

Here is a woman’s set of the Hoth Solo set. You get a lanyard, nice wallet and a cool purse.  Not a bad value!

endor scout/commando coaches jackets $60

Need I light jacket this fall? Sport your side’s symbol on these awesome jackets.

Now these following re Comicon Exclusives! Hunt them fast or you may not get another shot at them.

If you can chase this collectable down before it disappears, you can have a replica of Goergie’s boat.  Catch it and you’ll float too!   Booth  #2647 $10

What a great item for a party! You can either open everyone’s bottle, or disembowel the jerk that won’t leave.  This raptor claw metal bottle opener will definitely catch a second look at any party.  Booth #2647 $20

Well for the Thor: Ragnarok lovers out there here is your chance to get your hands on Taiki and take him home.  The outfit fits his personality.  Funko Pop Taiki Waititi  Booth/price: unknown

Here is a sweet looking book for your coffee table.  This is a book of over 200 of David’s drawings of Xenomorph possibilities.  While this book goes on sale to the public on Sept 4, you can grab it now at SDCC.  Booth  #5537 $50

Here is a doozy!  Despite being in the midst of the digital age, vinyl is making a huge comeback.  Its sound is undeniable.  Here is the soundtrack to the classic Big Trouble in Little China on vinyl record.  One of the great cult classic movies, this soundtrack is a great add to anyone’s collection.

Booth #435 $35

Now this will be a chase figure no doubt, so if you want one hunt fast!  A Black Series Han Solo from Empire Strikes Back with a mynock! This figure has a sweet design and I’m pretty sure this is the only way you will ever get a black series mynock.   Booth 3329  Price: unknown

For you Game of Thrones lovers out there, here are a pair of beautifully crafted wine stoppers.  Get these to top off your favorite white wine as you watch the final season.  You don’t want red.  As you know wine will go flying in shock, awe, excitement and anticipation as the final characters fall for the last time.  Wouldn’t want to stain the carpet.  GoT wine stoppers  Booth: 2647  $25

While there will be plenty more of exclusives at SDCC, these are some of the ones that will be hot.  Hunt hard hunt fast! Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey

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