Boom! Studios RuinWorld #1


A new series from Boom! Studios; RuinWorld a funny adventurous series that everyone can enjoy. It’s a fantasy story written and illustrated by Derek Laufman; following two characters on a journey for fortune, Pogo and Rex. Two completely different animals who is a pig and a fox, which I assume is a fox. They both are opposites as Pogo the pig is a bit clumsy and forgetful at times and Rex is more of the brave leader of the two.  The duo goes on a journey to find treasures that will give them fortune and they aren’t the only ones looking.

The story starts off with Rex telling Pogo to check out mysterious tower, Pogo is afraid to go into the tower and makes an offer to Rex that he will clean and build camp etc. rather than not go into the tower alone. Rex tells Pogo no and makes him go into the tower by himself anyway. Well, Pogo runs into trouble while finding an enchanted treasure box, Pogo and Rex are attacked. This is not there only problem that they get into in this first issue, a lot more happen especially running into another character, Barri who is a bug and is also treasure hunting, but is only trying to pay off his own debt. But also steals something important from Pogo and Rex, who have to find Barri to get back whats theres.

Pick up your copy! available July 11, 2018,  you will be entertained by this fantasy/treasure hunt of a story. Will Pogo and Rex get back whats rightfully there from Barri? or will Barri find a big treasure that is worth to pay back his debt that he owes, before Pogo and Rex find him? This is a 5 issue series, so continue on this journey to find out what happens next! Ryan Miller Womens Jersey

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