Nickelodeon’s New “Wonder Park” Trailer Is As Cool As It Is Confusing


This movie looks good, but I had to watch this trailer like 5 times before I could actually figure out what was going on here… and even then I had to do some googling to confirm a few things. We start with a girl in a field and a magic ticket. Ok, solid start. The magic ticket comes alive, seems quite puckish and draws her into a (magic?) forest where an old amusement park once stood. Somehow she brings it back this Disneyland with carnical rides place back to life and then things go bananas. It appears kids magically appear in the park, she fights what kinda looks like Tomorrow land itself and then animals help her do a lot of other weird shit.


Look, this trailer had me at the new rendition of “Wonderful World”. The magic ticket, living rides, talking animals were icing on the cake! But I am aflutter with confusion and questions.

First off, why is the movie called “Wonder Park” if the park in the movie is called “Wonder Land”? Second why was the name of the movie changed from “Amusement Park”, when it was first announced to ““Wonder Park” later that April? And Third, how pissed off is Disney that Paramount and Nickelodeon beat them to the animated movie about a magical theme park coming to life based on imagination idea?

The voice cast seems Super solid Brianna Denski voices June, a budding engineer and a hopeful girl full of imagination. Jennifer Garner is her Mom and Matthew Broderick is her Dad. Ken Hudson Campbell is Boomer, the blue bear… who is also narcoleptic. John Oliver is Steve, the porcupine, while Kenan Thompson is Gus, Ken Jeong is Cooper, and Mila Kunis is Greta.

The movie has been marred with some controversy in the past. IMDB doesn’t list a director for the film since Dylan Brown was fired after multiple women accused him of “inappropriate and unwanted conduct”. And Boomer The Bear was originally voiced by Jeffrey Tambor, but was replaced by Ken Hudson Campbell after allegation on the ‘Transparent’ set came to light.

But the real eyebrow raiser is the people behind the production; the writers/co-creators of Zoo, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Films, and the creepily wonderful tv series Zoo… that’s one hell of a stew for the creative, but also…whaaaaa?!

The film is set to hit theaters on March 15, 2019 along side a television series based on the film later that year on Nickelodeon. This was the same pattern that Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius followed and I adored that film/series. All this weirdness seems wonderful and even with more questions than answers, it looks like a lot of fun… I’m in!

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