ANIME EXPO 2018: The Three Anime Shows To Watch


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Crunchy Roll, the anime streaming juggernaut recently held their Industry Panel at Anime Expo, and I’m here to tell you what’s good, weird, and worth watching!

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 How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is based upon Japanese light novel series written by Yukiya Murasaki and drawn by Takahiro Tsurusaki. It’s a comedic anime about a young boy named Takuma, who gets transported/summoned into his favorite MMORPG by two of the game’s characters. Once there, the two characters, the pantherian, Rem and the elf, Shera, attempt to control him with an obedience spell, but it repels, and they become his slaves. With the plot established, the trio travel thought out the world together looking for adventure and a way to remove the slave spell. The anime ’s art is absolutely beautiful, and the show has a great deal of comedic potential; however, the only downside is that there seems to be a ton of fan service. This series is coming this summer to Crunchy Roll. Given the comedic potential, I plan to give this series a try, but if the fanservice is too ridiculous, I may have to do a hard pass.

Link to trailer: Here

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 The next series that was announced was Angels of Death! This new anime series is actually inspired by a video game created by Makoto Sanada. Later, it was adapted into a manga illustrated by Makoto Sanada and written by Kuden Nazuka. With proven success in both mediums, it was only a matter of time before an anime was produced. The anime centers around a 13 years old girl named Rachel Gardener, who wakes up with no memories inside an abandoned factory. On each floor of the factory, she runs into a serial killer, attempting to kill her, but here’s the twist: she actually wants to die. According to Victoria, a representative from Crunchy Roll: “she wants to die. But every floor, the person that wants to kill her makes her play a game and if she wins, they kill her.” This was another beautifully drawn anime presented by Crunchy Roll which has rich character designs and very creepy aesthetic. The story has a bit of mystery to it, as the audience is left to wonder who this girl is, and how did all these serial killers become collected in one place. With that said, this is an anime I’ll be watching on Crunchy Roll this summer.

Link to trailer: Here

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The last anime that caught my eye isn’t even really an anime, but a new animated comedy called Gary and His Demons. The new series comes from the comedic mind of actor and writer Mark Little and is set to stream on Vrv. According to Vrv representative Khalid White, the series is, “just about a normal guy with a normal day job, which just happens to be hunting demons.” After watching the trailer and catching my breath from laughing, I can defiantly tell you this is a super funny series. With its low brow humor and animation style, it is very reminiscent of shows like Aqua Team Hunger Force and Metalocalypse. Crunchy Roll’s Victoria had the pleasure of viewing the trailer for the first time with the audience and her response was: “Yeah, this is just like, you know, Guts from Berserk just had to get an office job.” Me personally, I imagine that this what The Office spin-off with Dwight Schrute should have been. This new show has a unique premise and seems to know its voice early on, which can’t be said for most new shows. I plan on watching the first season while hoping for a second season renewal.

Link to trailer: Here

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of Anime Expo 2018! We’ll see you back here for extensive coverage on site at San Diego Comic Con 2018. Willie Snead IV Authentic Jersey

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