ANIME EXPO 2018: What We Learned At The Fooly Cooly Panel


Fresh from the Fooly Cooly panel at AX’18, we’ve got a little bit of news FLCL fans may be interested in. The new team at Production I.G. will be co-producing FLCL 3 and promised a bigger, better, bolder season by saying this season “hands the series over to a totally different team of young creators who will redefine the meaning of ‘sequel,’”.

That’s evident in the music choice for this season. We were promised Pillows and that’s what we’re getting. It will be a combination of both 1 & 2 with new original music from Pillows. (Their song “Ride on Shooting Star”, was featured as the ending theme to every episode of the first season of FLCL. They are also the writers of many other songs that appear in Fooly Cooly).

We were treated to a sneak peak of the first five minutes of Episode six (season finale) which aired Saturday night on Adult Swim

SPOILER ALERT: we finally see ATOMSK (Pirate King) in his giant form and saw that he is indeed larger than the earth.

FLCL 3 is scheduled to premiere on Adult Swim in 6-8 weeks from now because they are going to run 2 again as a refresher before premiering 3. FLCL: Alternative, or FLCL 3, debuts sometime in September on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Anthony Duclair Jersey

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