Comic Rewind: Goldie Vance


Goldie Vance is the Crossed Palms’ assistant detective and she doesn’t sleep until the case is solved in Goldie Vance Vol. 1.

Vance works the car valet both as her day job, but at night or really whenever she is needed she is a detective.  Her father is the hotel manager and he always has to try to keep her in check. She tends to get over excited and step past her boundaries.

It doesn’t take long before Vance gets a new case.  When she walks into her office or more accurately her boss’s.  Her boss, Walter Tooney, is talking with their new client, Dieter Ludwig.  Ludwig had a jeweled necklace stolen. He describes it as a priceless item.

Vance and Tooney are on the case and solve it pretty quickly.  However, when they try to return the necklace they find Ludwig missing.  When they start to look for him the case gets harder and more complex every step of the way.

Goldie Vance Vol. 1 was written by Hope Larson with art by Brittney Williams and Sarah Stern.  BOOM! Studios published the volume 2016,

This is very Nancy Drew or any other young detective book or movie.  It was very obvious the book was not made for me.  The story was very female focused and the females are very empowered.  All but Vance’s father are manipulated by women in one way or another. This is a book for young girls.

However, with that being said I found the story to be alright.  It made sense and had a lot of twists and tension. The story was very lighthearted and fun.  All the danger never really played much of a factor and no one was really hurt.

I found the story to be a little boring though.  The parts I found interesting we don’t get a lot of time with.  All the good scenes moved on too quickly and left me wanting more.  There was no character development at all. I liked the characters who were introduced but never got enough time with them.

The story felt like a crime story which was dumbed down to be put in this book.  I think the original story was probably pretty compelling. However, dumbing it down really took its toll on the quality of the story.

This is a fun little story for a younger audience and they may enjoy it.  However, adults will find the story, characters and compelling action really lacking.  It is hard to be too critical on the comic because it is not for me, but kids are smart and their stories shouldn’t be dumbed down.


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