Still Hoping For a “Gears of War” Movie?


Is There Still Hope For A “Gears of War” Movie?

After playing through the Gears 4 campaign again over the last few days, it got me thinking….why has the movie based on this video game not been made yet? Gears of War is probably one of the most iconic game franchises of all time, (along with that other one, you know, with that Master Chief guy), with a huge fan base and a multiplayer that still today is going strong. The cut scenes themselves play like a dramatic action movie, and the gameplay is like playing through those action movie scenes, so then…where is the actual movie?

The Gears of War movie has been in development hell at Universal for years now, but it still escapes me why the movie has not been made. Clearly video game movies generally have not been the blockbuster hits we’ve hoped for. Most recently we had the “Assassin’s Creed” and “Tomb Raider” movies, and while the die hard fans of the gaming franchises they are based on liked them, they were received with quiet success at the box office, but ultimately seemed to fall into the typical reception of video game movies..not good.

Through the years of talk about the GOW movie, there has been as much chatter about who should star in the movie. The most recent rumor has former wrestler and current “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Dave Bautista up for the role of Delta Squad leader Marcus Fenix. Fans of the gaming franchise know the four main characters of the Gears of War story are Marcus Fenix, Dom Santiago, Damon Baird, and Augustus Cole “Train”. Fans have posted their thoughts on who they think should play the characters in the movie, from The Rock, to John Travolta, to Terry Crews. With that being said, who do you think would fit well in the roll of the characters?

While everything is still “in the works”, and up in the air, and ultimately rumors until we get official announcements, the next rumor has Shane Salerno, who’s most notable credits are the scripts for the next four “Avatar” movies, penning the GOW movie. Also Universal based Dylan Clark is rumored to be producing it. But at this point no real announcement on a director has been made, and things can change between now, and if, the Gears of War movie goes into actual production.

With all that said, are you still hoping for a “Gears of War” movie, or is it best to just leave the video game where it currently is, on consoles and home computers? I think the story, from Gears of War 1 through Gears of War 4, (and soon Gears 5), is amazing, and like I said earlier, plays like a movie. (Plus there is a series of novels based on the franchise that could make good movies as well). To me, it’s almost as if the video game was based on a movie, as opposed to the other way around. The story is loaded with explosive action, great protagonists, an epic enemy, and plenty of drama and powerful moments, (remember when Dom had to shoot his wife in the head after finally finding her trapped inside a locust pod?). So there are plenty of opportunities for a good script.


There’s the massive battle at Aspho Fields for control of the Hammer of Dawn, there’s the Pendulum Wars, the war between the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics for control of the planets’ Imulsion. There’s Emergence Day, the day the Locust emerged for the planet Sera’s core to wage the war against the human race, sending the Gears into action. And there is also the story in Gears 4, with the Gears dealing with a new threat, called the “Swarm”. So with many possibilities for a good script and story,  it just comes down to what story to tell, and if Gears can break the video game to movie curse. And if you are like me, and are still holding out hope for a “Gears of War” movie, what story or stories would you like to see it tell?

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