Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Ant-Man and the Wasp.

If I had to be a nit-picky movie geek (and lucky for me, I am) and had the ability to change one small detail of Ant-Man and the Wasp, then I would’ve changed the ending that involved Janet Van Dyne and Ghost.

In the film, Dr. Hank Pym uses a shrinkable vehicle that was made to enter and traverse through the Quantum Realm where the original Wasp Janet Van Dyne has been stranded for over twenty years. Back in the normal-sized world, the second Wasp Hope Van Dyne and Ant-Man Scott Lang have been fighting/distracting Ghost long enough for Pym to finish the mission and bring Janet back.

Ghost believes that draining the quantum energy that Janet has absorbed from the Quantum Realm while save Ghost’s life, stabilize her intangibility powers, and alleviate the chronic pain her powers have left her with. However, Ghost and her opponents are all under the impression that this energy drain will kill Janet. Everyone is proven wrong when Janet voluntarily gives some of the quantum energy to Ghost by just simply placing her hands on Ghost’s temples. The mid-credits scene involves Scott, Hank, Janet, and Hope harvesting quantum energy because it’s being reiterated that quantum energy is what allows Ghost to maintain her powers’ stability.

Now, the shrinkable Quantum Realm vehicle that Hank Pym uses to go retrieve Janet, had two seats. It makes very little sense to me why the movie didn’t choose for both Pym and Ghost to enter the Quantum Realm with the intent to find Janet. Pym would be there to save her and Ghost would go to drain her energy.

However, once Ghost would enter the Quantum Realm, she would have an instant, radical shift in the understanding of her powers. She would experience relief as the quantum energy around her would stabilize her body, remove her pain, allow her to control her intangibility powers, and maybe even let her access new or enhanced powers.

Upon meeting Janet, there could be a small interaction on how the Quantum Realm itself is the answer to Ghost living a better life, not Janet’s relatively small reserve of absorbed quantum energy. Ghost would be presented with the option of helping Hank and Janet explore and understand the Quantum Realm more once they’re back in the normal-sized world.

I’m sure some writer would then want to add a moment of redemption, Ghost sacrificing herself in order to save the life of Hank and Janet but not in my version. Ghost would at most risk her life or do something else in order to make it clear that she now sees Hank, Janet, Hope, and Scott as allies, especially since the only reason she opposes them in the first place is because she doesn’t want her powers to kill her. Hank Pym and his former colleague (and Ghost’s surrogate father) Bill Foster would make up, Scott and Hope would have a new superpowered friend to someday Avenge with, and Ghost and Janet would go on to bond as two people who are forever inextricably connected to the Quantum Realm and thus, to each other.






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