ANIME EXPO 2018: Cosplay Gallery Day 2


Los Angeles is currently dealing with its first heatwave of the season. Temperatures in the city reached a high of 110 degrees which is a temperature that we don’t tend to deal with as often as the Valley and desert cities. So it’s always a “got to give them props” moment when we see cosplayers in their elaborate costumes at the summer conventions. Usually anime leans towards a more skimpy affair and it would be an easy thing (at least temperature wise) to do a cosplay that requires less clothing, but yesterday we spotted numerous head to toe cosplays, from a Jack and Sally Japanese inspired look, to Batman Ninja Joker. See our gallery below, and if you’re attending Anime Expo today please be smart. Stay hydrated, stay inside or in the shade. Heat exhaustion is no joke, and it’s not cute to watch you be carted away by paramedics.

photography: marco cuevas

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