ANIME EXPO 2018: Warner Bros Japan Panel


Warner Bros Japan struggled through this year’s announcements.  Technical difficulties prevented them from showing all but one promotional video properly.  However, it was the one that counted.  Warner Bros Japan proudly announced a new anime season for A Certain Magical Index!

Technical Difficulties and Fun Prizes

The very nice and apologetic representatives from Warner Bros Japan began their presentation 20 minutes late.  There were problems linking their iPad to the theater’s video system.  More panels followed the presentation, so an Anime Expo staff member urged them to start anyway.

Throughout the panel, the reps from Japan energized the crowd by giving quizzes and handing out prizes.  Audience members could answer simple multiple-choice questions and win exclusive anime merchandise from Japan.  Prizes included anime posters signed by the voice actors and a limited-edition t-shirt.  The final prize was a script from the anime Food Wars!  So, a good time was still had by many.

Hi Score Girl

Warner Bros Japan began with the Hi Score Girl anime.  Based on a manga by Rensuke Oshikiri, Hi Score Girl is about 90’s arcade games and the people who played them.  The studio licensed actual game screens from actual arcade games for the anime. Also, the animation staff researched actual arcade machines to present them authentically.  The anime’s opening song is “New Stranger” by sora tob sakana.


Sadly, a message from the author was one of the videos that could not be shown.  Other unseen videos were the premiere of the opening song and comments from the voice actors.  Hi Score Girl is scheduled to air in Japan starting July 13.

Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan

Next was Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan.  An interesting mix of fantasy and the modern military.  Dragons exist in the modern world.  Thus, the Japanese Self Defense Force disguises them as jets to prevent public panic.  Unlike boy-meets-girl, the Warner Bros Japan reps described it as “girl meets dragon.”  Executive director Shinji Higuchi of Evangelion fame talked about the show at the Netflix panel later in the day.  Dragon Pilot will premiere on Netflix this fall.

Sirius the Jaegar

Sirius the Jaeger is an original anime television series.  It takes place in 1930’s Tokyo and tells the story of vampires and the people who hunt them.  Sirius the Jaeger begins airing in Japan on July 12, 2018.

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