Should Star Wars Go R-Rated?


Should Star Wars Movies Venture Into R-Rated Territory?

Star Wars, for the most part, has been youth friendly and not very “violent”, as opposed to the level of violence we are used to seeing in a lot of movies. “Deadpool” was the first R-Rated comic book movie, due more to it’s crude and sexual humor, but was very successful in being a more adult version of the Superhero genre. That being said, it leads us to the question…Should future Star Wars saga or anthology movies be more “adult” or violent, drawing an R-Rating?

One of the more violent images occurs in “Star Wars: A New Hope”, when Luke Skywalker returns to his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owens mositure farm to find them burnt to a crisp, (rumor is Boba Fett did it), yet the part was brief, and ultimately not very grotesque that the younger audiences couldn’t handle the scene. While more intense scenes have different effects, Star Wars has not been known so much for it’s shock value in that sense.

At the end of the anthology film “Rogue One”, we get a chance to see the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader in one of his most powerful and aggressive forms. The iconic villian violently powers his way though a group of Rebel soldiers, cutting them down with his lightsaber and smashing them into ceilings and walls with angry and reckless abandon. We’ve seen him force choke, cut down Obi-Wan, cut off his sons hand, and throw his master down a shaft. While all these were the “darker” sides of the movies, they were never really anything that required a stronger rating for the movies.

One of the ongoing “jokes” of the Star Wars movies, has always been the shooting accuracy of Stormtroopers. While a lot of this could be due to the fact that no Star Wars movie has ever received any harsher than a PG-13 rating, it causes us to wonder if more violent battles with armored soldiers would create a more gritty sense about the movies. Considering that in most cases the battles with Stormtroopers involves non-armored Rebels against cloned soldiers clad in white armor, it stands to reason that the tides of certain battles may be more likely to have gone one way rather than another. With major battles like the incursion on Naboo, the Battle of Scariff, and the Battle of Endor, it would make sense that there would be more bloodshed then has appeared on screen.

While one of the best things about Star Wars is that it appeases to fans both young and old, allowing parents like myself to share my childhood with my kids, and getting the chance to experience future movies side by side with friends and family… from brothers and sisters, to kids and nieces and nephews, to best friends and parents alike. With that being said, should Star Wars delve into R-Ratings for some of it’s movies, be it the saga stories or the anthology movies? While I don’t think Star Wars should become a strictly adult franchise, (some of the greatest times for me has been taking my 9 and 10 year old daughters to the new movies), but it stands to reason that it’s possible that an occasional R-Rating could give Star Wars a chance to tell darker, more intense stories, appeasing maybe to the more “aggressive fan base”.

What are you’re thoughts on this? Would you like to see Star Wars produce an R-Rated installment into the franchise, whether as a movie, or even possibly a Netflix live-action series? Or should they keep it like it is, pushing the bounds occasionally but sticking to it’s current PG-13 formula? And as always, remember…..

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