My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes New Character Visuals


Animation studio Bones and film distributor Toho released new character designs for My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes.  The images of the stars appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 31st issue.  Then they were posted to the film’s official website.  The website’s copies are larger and cleaner, without the text.


The new images show the world’s greatest hero, All Might, in his younger days.  The pictures also shows the main cast of My Hero Academia, Class A, in more formal attire.  So, a party or reception is likely to take place during the film.

The movie trailer introduced the character David Shield.  He is All Might’s ex-partner and the creator of his costume.  Shield is an original character for the film and is also the father of Melissa, the movie’s heroine.


My Hero Academia is a Japanese comics series, or manga, written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi.  The series follows Izuki Midoriya, a boy born without super powers in a world where 80 percent of the population has them.  He still dreams of becoming a superhero and one day meets the world’s greatest hero, All Might.  The hero admires Midoriya’s conviction and secretly shares his power with him. Thus, allowing the student to pursue his goal and enroll in a high school for superheroes.

My Hero Academia follows Midoriya and his fellow students as they train to become superheroes.  Besides worrying about failing, the students are also targeted by a new league of super villains.  So, they must use their powers to protect themselves and the citizens that depend on them.

The comic was first serialized in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in July 2014 and continues to this today.  Paperbacks collect the series into volumes and Viz Media publishes them in the USA.  Studio Bones adapted My Hero Academia into an animated series and it is now in its third season.


My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes is an animated film that features an original story by the manga’s creator Kohei Horikoshi.  The story takes place after the manga’s “Final Exam” story arc.  The students of U.A. will visit a man-made floating island where the world’s top scientists research super powers.  There, Midoriya will meet and become friends with Melissa Shield.  Then a super villain takes control of the island. Therefore, it will be up to the heroes and students to save the day.


Anime Expo, one of North America’s largest anime conventions, will host the film’s world premiere July 5, 2018.  It will be screened again at Comic-Con International San Diego (July 19-22). It will hit Japanese theaters August 3, 2018.  Funimation announced it will have a limited North American release for My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes this fall.

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