Countdown to ANIME EXPO: Stand Alone Movies that need series!


“Man that movie was awesome…what do you mean they aren’t going to do anything else with it?”

If you feel this way when you see a great anime movie, you aren’t alone.  I too, demand the satisfaction of seeing my favorite character in episodic format.  Here are a few movies that I demand be expounded on as a series.


If you didn’t think Akira was going to be on this list, you’re crazy.  One of the most ingenious anime to ever grace a screen big or small, and no series has come out of it?  I find it hard to believe no one has cashed in on it yet!  There are talks in hollywood that Warner Bros might make it live action thing (plz hollywood, don’t do it, haven’t you ruined enough IP’s in this gen?)  Hollywood aside, this needs to have a series…a prequel, the fallout, rebuilding, something!  GIVE ME MOAR!

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