Some D&D In The Woods In Joe Hill’s The Cape: Fallen #1


Eric Chase leaves town for a few days as he gets used to his new ability in Joe Hill’s The Cape: Fallen #1.

In the previous volume of The Cape Chase disappeared for a few days, but we didn’t know what he did or where he was.  In this comic we learn about this missing period.

The story is about a magic cape or more specifically a magic patch on the cape.  This cape gives Chase the ability to fly, but he didn’t know that at first. When he and his brother, Nicky, were playing heroes and villains Eric climbed a tree and fell.  However, for just a second he floated right before his cape was ripped off.

The fall left Eric with a branch impaled through his shoulder and severe and lasting issues with his brain.

When Eric rediscovers the cape as an adult he also discovers he wasn’t imagining that moment he floated.  He uses this new discovery to exact revenge on everyone who wronged him. The first to feel his anger was his girlfriend.

After he finished with his girlfriend this issue takes place.  Eric goes to a family cabin out in the woods to think about what he did and what he wants to do next.

However, the problem is he is not alone at the cabin.  As he approaches he hears voices and when he confronts them he finds out they are LARPers or Live Action Role Players.  Just to make things even more strange he knows one of the guys from grade school.

Eric begins to befriend the group and even plays D&D with them.  Could this new sense of community snap Eric out of this murderous rampage?  If not what happens to make him leave the cabin?

The original The Cape is amazing and so when I saw this I knew I had to jump on it.  When I first read the issue I was pretty confused as to when this takes place.  The original has a very definitive ending.

There is a little sentence on the title page which explains when the issue takes place, but I wish the actual comic said that.  It was a little distracting thinking about if this took place before or after a certain event.

This story fits in perfectly to the story of The Cape.  Eric is exactly the same person even though that was written six years ago. Jason Ciaramella got right back into the same mindset and did an awesome job.

Eric is still very angry and mean, but we see little scraps of his humanity inside him.  I still hope he can choose a different path but I know how this ends. He is very humanized, but we also see the crazed killer just below the surface.  It is not easy to write a character who I both and feel compassion for and at the same time hate.

This issue lived up well to my hopes of the issue and is on a good path to be just as good as the original series.

If you like horror comics like I do then this issue is a good read, but also I highly suggest the original Joe Hill’s The Cape.  The volume is currently on Comixology Unlimited if you have that.







Written by: Jason Ciaramella

Art by: Nelson Daniel and Zach Howard

Cover by: Nelson Daniel and Zach Howard

Release: 7/4/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: IDW Publishing

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