New Images Of The X-Men: Dark Phoenix Figures Have Surfaced Online And The Outfits Look Like The Old School X-Men Costumes


A video has surfaced online with 3 new figures from the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie. The figures are for the characters Jean Grey, Cyclopes, and Nightcrawler and these costumes they’re wearing look reminiscent of the outfits they wore in The New X-Men comics.

If these, in fact, are the costumes they’re going to be using in the new film, then I’m all for it. The costumes from The New X-Men comics from 2011 look incredible. Cinematically, they still haven’t been used in any X-Men movie since the comic run, so this would be the first time there even seen in an X-Men movie.

On screen, the costumes would something completely new for the X-Men movies, and it would stand out more for this film. But we know the film had to do reshoots, so the final end game of what these characters costumes for the film remains a mystery. But if anything, if these figures are correct, then we will be getting the New X-Men style outfits for these characters.

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