New Details Have Emerged For The Violet Evergarden Anime Movie


At the same event in Osaka, Japan where the first trailer for the YURI!!! On Ice movie had been shown, all new information for the Violet Evergarden anime movie was released.

This movie had been teased as a special at the end of the anime, so it doesn’t come as a shock that it was announced for a January 2020 release window. And something that was announced is on the 4th and 5th volume Blu-Ray and DVD, there will be an extra episode that will be included.

And something else that could be a possibility for the movie could be some out of this world graphics. Now nothing about if it will be dubbed here in the US was mentioned, but more then likely it could have the possibility of either Funimation or Aniplex dubbing it and premiering it at Anime Expo next year, but it’s a long shot if it were to happen.

Source: Animemojo

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