Howard The Juggerduck, Rocket Ra-Groot, And A Star Trek Ferangi Brawl In Marvel’s Cosmic Ghost Rider #3


In the final arc of Marvel’s terrific Thanos run, many familiar characters were given fun futuristic twists; Silver Surfer is wielding Thor’s Hammer, Galactus totes a massive Gatling Gun, and most wonderful of all, The Punisher is not only cursed with the spirit of vengeance and is the new Ghost Rider, but also wields the Power Cosmic. The later was so popular he now has his own comic series starting July 4th. And if he’s not weird enough, wait till you get a load of the newly tweeked characters on the newly tweeted cover of Cosmic Ghost Rider #3.

That’s right, there seem to be a TON more twisted amalgamated characters on the way! On first glance, I can see Cable fighting Comsic Ghost Rider Up front and center, just off his headlock appears to be an amalgamated Groot and Rocket Racoon (Rocket RaGroot?). To their right appears to be a Star Trek Ferangi, floating above them seems to be a Captain America/Captain Marvel mash (Cap Marvel?!). Under her could be another bar brawler in a yellow coat and fireworks… or an updated alien Jubilee? But the one that has caught the fan fervor is the combination of Howard the Duck and Juggernaut, cleverly named Howard the Juggerduck. This character was confirmed by writer Donny Cates on twitter.


In the upcoming 5 issue comic series, Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually a cursed Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher who makes a deal with Galactus. In the end, Thanos basically uses him to relive his favorite kills, like a living DVR. In his own series, however we can deduce that from issue #2 he will take on a massive Space Shark, taking what (hopefully) will be a zanier take on The Punisher and Ghost Rider lore.

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