Countdown to ANIME EXPO: Anime you should revisit as an adult


So you’ve seen just about anime on Crunchyroll: Deathnote, Devil Is A Part Timer, All the abridged series on YouTube.  Along the way, you realize that some of your memories of a show get really fuzzy.  What that a really good show?  Was this boring because it was boring or because I didn’t understand?

There are some shows that I was a big fan of back in my weeb days, but I’m not sure they hold up over the passage of time.  Or maybe they got better because of the passage of time.  Here’s a handy list of some anime you should go back and give another look at.


Dot Hack Sign as a kid was slow, confusing, philosophical, and ambiguous for me.  I enjoyed the hell out of the games and characters and the moments where the plot moved forward, but I wasn’t really getting everything they were discussing.  This is one of those anime that you will need to watch more that once to really get the depth of the world and story.

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