Can Another Legends Character Be In The Karrdes for Episode IX?


If ever there was a time to bring back another Legends fan-favorite character, now is indeed that time.

J.J. Abrams has already relied heavily on nostalgia with The Force Awakens, and neither Disney nor Lucasfilm has been shy about bringing Legends characters, ships and planets back into canon. With Episode IX just entering production, and the Resistance in a state of disarray at the end of The Last Jedi, Abrams has been presented the perfect opportunity to reintroduce rogue and scoundrel Talon Karrde into the Star Wars fold.

The smuggler and purveyor of hard-to-come-by information featured heavily in the Thrawn Trilogy, now of Legends lore, as a reluctant but loyal ally to Luke, Han and Leia, and eventually the New Republic. Forming the Smuggler’s Alliance, Karrde and his cadre aided in Thrawn’s defeat before resuming his prior policy of galactic neutrality. There’s also the fact that, among Karrde’s crew, was none other than Mara Jade (whether Jade will make an appearance in Episode XI is a topic for other discussion).

Talon Karrde is one of those characters that could easily make the leap from Legends to canon. Though his original storyline is heavily interwoven through the plot of the Thrawn Trilogy, the character himself is one that could not only translate, but feature prominently in Episode IX.

The Last Jedi rolls to credits as the remnants of the Resistance fly away to parts unknown aboard the Millennium Falcon, their broadcasted plea for help having seemingly gone unanswered. But… what if it didn’t?  What if Karrde heard the call, and decided to answer it out of a sense of obligation owed to Skywalker and Solo? Abrams would have to address and explain Karrde’s off-screen relationship with the original trilogy heroes, but that’s an easy enough task.

As Karrde tells us in Heir to the Empire, “…luck is often little more than raw talent combined with the ability to make the most of opportunities.”

Sounds like just the kind of lucky man the Resistance needs. Nick Vigil Jersey

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