A Top 5 List of Lesser Known Star Wars Characters



A Top 5 List of Lesser Known Star Wars Characters

There are characters aplenty in the Star Wars universe, and we all know the obvious ones. But there are also plenty of characters that you may not know of, who either have only appeared in books or stories, some with very small parts in the movies, or just simply ones you weren’t aware  of. This is a list of some lesser known Star Wars characters. What are some others that you would add to this list?

1. Ugnaughts

Ugnaughts were piglike humanoids who were native to the planet of Gentes. They were strong, resilient porcine creatures who could live up to 200 standard years. They appeared briefly in Empire Strikes Back, as workers who serviced and controlled the freezing chamber that would ultimately freeze Han Solo in a block of carbonite.  They alos appeared in the animated series’ “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels”, and in various books and stories.

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