Who From The MCU Should Appear In A Galaxy Far, Far Away?


With the recent speculation over whether or not Mark Hamill will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, and the question of whether Luke’s lightsaber or Captain America’s vibranium shield would prevail, I started to ponder once again: which MCU characters do you think would fit, or would you like to see, in the Star Wars universe? Here’s my top five.

  1. Star Lord

Peter Quill is an easy choice. You’d likely find him shilling for jobs in Mos Eisley, sipping Rylothan ale at Maz’s castle, or being chased by bounty hunters on Ord Mantell. Definitely cut from the scoundrel cloth, Star Lord would feign moral ambiguity but eventually do what’s right in the end, running Imperial blockades in the Milano to deliver supplies to those in need.

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