Weekend Box Office Stays Prehistoric



For the second straight week, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom reigns at the box office.  Despite a 60% drop, JW2 still pulled in a cool $60 million, bringing its total gross to $265 million in just its second week.  Within the next week it should break $1 billion dollars world wide.  In foreign theaters, JP2 has made $670 million.  No matter what issues the film may have, people love them dinos.

    The other significant movie of the weekend was of course Incredibles 2 pulling in a very nice $45 million in its third week bringing its gross to a whopping $440 million in just three weeks.  Look for Incredibles 2 numbers to stay strong over the holiday week.  Between Jurassic World and the Incredibles 2 they accounted for 60% of the weekend box office against all other films.

    Coming in a very distant third and fourth are the only two new movies of the weekend to be in the top 5.  Sicario 2 brought in $19 million while fourth place Uncle Drew only managed $15.2 million.  Holding out in the #5 spot in its fourth week is Oceans 8.  It brought in $8 million but has a total domestic gross of $115 million.  Off a $70 budget, don’t be surprised if this movie gets a sequel.

    The question for next week will be can Jurassic World make it 3 in a row?  Don’t be surprised if JP2 remains a strong second.  While The July 4 release of The Purge will not scare the dinos, expect them to be stung sharply by Marvel’s newest release – Antman and the Wasp.  Early word of mouth has been very good for this new Marvelverse movie.  Expect some big numbers.  I honestly don’t see any of the other new releases cracking the top 5. Mika Zibanejad Womens Jersey

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