First ‘SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME’ Set Photos Land Online


Production on the Jon Watts-helmed Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially begun in London. Star Tom Holland was captured on set this morning with spotters placing him both at a post office and a mall in Stortford, England. Check out the photos via the link below.

London is just one of several European locations on the schedule for the film which was recently described by Kevin Feige as Peter’s summer vacation. The sequel will also, of course, film in New York. There was no mention of any other actors on set today, but several actors are expected to reprise their roles from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Jake Gyllenhaal is expected to join the film as it’s antagonist, Mysterio. Typically the start of production is met with an official release from Marvel Studios, so hopefully within the next few days we’ll have a more complete picture of the rest of the cast. Justin Hardy Jersey

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