Countdown to ANIME EXPO: Semi-Obscure Anime You May Have Forgot About


Back in the 2000’s, Anime was somewhat amazing, somewhat new, and something that you only told a few select friends you were crazy about it.  Anime Expo had maybe 20-30k people at the time.

I’m the guy kneeling.  I cos-played as Johnny from Guilty Gear

Now a days, cos-players are making the big money for stuff we made out of cardboard and stuff around the house.

everyone loves AoT and one punch man…

and everyone is still trying to figure out who’s a real otaku, and who is a poser. (in the end, we’re all posers anyway)

With so much shovel-ware like anime that has been created in the last several years (how many times can I watch some random magical awkward teenager save Tokyo?…NO MORE I SAY!) What hipster-level anime can ya give a watch?

This list is for those who want to stray away from the usual anime you might have encountered over the recent years.

The (unofficial)  Quintessential Guide to semi obscure anime!

1.Excel Saga

This anime is probably the most popular on the list.  Excel Saga came to America in roughly 2001 (exports were hard to come by…and usually terrible dubs…dark times indeed)  This zany, completely bats#!t crazy anime is a must watch.  Completely over the top, making fun of every anime genre there possibly could be, including an episode making fun of hentai because they KNEW it was the last one.

It never really got the following it so deserved, even though it hit best seller a few times.  its a healthy, yet short 26 episodes.  After the first episode, you’ll be hailing  Il Palazzo before ya know it.  Its not exactly binge-able, so take it an episode or two at a time.

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