7 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing


Last week we found out that Warner Bros is moving forward with a Nightwing film. Suck it Dan Didio, this characters live-action debut is long overdue. We almost had our chance to see the former Boy Wonder in the scrapped Teen Titans TV series on TNT and we also heard rumors that there was to be an appearance by Dick Grayson in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that didn’t pan out.

Dick Grayson started his crimefighting career along side Batman, but later parted ways to become his own man. Operating out of Bludhaven, the hero reconnected with the Dark Knight, becoming one of his most trusted allies. Dick also took over the mantle of Batman for a time with having Bruce Wayne’s son Damian serving as Robin.

With the future looking bright on the big screen for Nightwing a big question remains: Who will play him? It might be too late for him to cameo in the Justice League movie, but we might hold out hope for him to appear in The Batman in 2018, and here are 7 actors that we think would be great for the role.
7: Yoshi Sudarso

The former Blue Dino Charge Ranger is familiar with Nightwing having cosplayed him several times. Yoshi is also a trained stunt man, so we know he has the physicality for the role at this point a race change for Dick Grayson would be a welcomed changed to the DC Extended Universe. Yoshi has all of the tools to play the role, the only thing that keeps him from being higher on the list is we know that Warner Bros. would be eyeing a larger named actor for the role, but Sudarso should not be overlooked. 

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