Straight Up, Sony Is C&%kblocking Fallout 76 Crossplay


The main feature of the new Fallout 76 is the multiplayer angle, allowing, for the first time ever, friends to join together and explore a post-apocalyptic world together. That is, unless you have different consoles, then you’re screwed… and according to Bethesda, it’s all Sony’s fault.

Bethesda claims they want crossplay between systems (Xbox, PC, and PS4) but Sony is being selfish pricks about it. This isn’t the first time Sony has been dicks about cross-system gaming, they actively hunted down and blocked players who used their PS4 Fortnite account on the Nintendo’s Switch version of the game.

When asked about the issue, sporty jacket wearer and Bethesda Director, Todd Howard, told GameStar (via Game Rant), “Sony isn’t being as helpful as we want them to be.” And, “We would love to do that, but right now that’s not possible.” In the past, former Sony Online Executive, John Smedley claims “The stated reason internally for this was money. They didn’t like someone buying something on an Xbox and it being used on a PlayStation.”

Now, in semi-fairness this practice does make sense, why hand any advantage over to your competitor?! But recently, Xbox, PC, and previously notoriously isolationist Nintendo have all begin moving towards a fan-friendly interplay between consoles to the delight of players everywhere. PS4 will inevitably have to join or fall behind, but when is the big question. It doesn’t look like they will be changing their policy anytime soon, or at least in time for Fallout 76’s November 14th release date.

In addition, I’m sure there are many behind the scene’s details that we are not privy too as Howard’s “Sony isn’t being as helpful” can be seen in a few different ways. Regardless, the finger has been pointed and blame has been levied squarely on PlayStation. Fallout fans are sure to cry fowl and it will probably fall on deaf triangle, square, Circle, X ears.

At the end of the day, it looks I, as an Xbox owner, won’t be scouring the West Virginia Wasteland with any of my PS4 buddies anytime soon, and I’m not happy about that… SONY!!!!!!

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