Jim Carrey Has Been Cast As Dr. Eggman In The SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Movie


With every little bit of casting news for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie getting released, it seems like the film is coming along quite nicely. Back in May, we had reported that Jason Segal, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ed Helms are currently being considered for the role of Tom, who is described as “A sarcastic highway patrol cop who befriends Sonic a hyperactive off the walls hedgehog and will likely team up to takedown the evil Robotnik.” We also learned that production will be taking place in Vancouver starting on July 30th, and it is expected to wrap in October. And the budget for the film is set at $90 million. 

And now it has been reported by Deadline that Jim Carrey is going to be playing the role of Dr. Robotnik, who is otherwise known as Dr. Eggman. Now, the film is going to be a mix of both Live Action and CGI, so I would think that Carrey won’t be needing any extra FX to play the character.

The plot details are being kept under wraps, but if I had to guess, much like the video games, Sonic will have to defeat Dr. Egghead. But until the plot details are officially announced for Sonic The Hedgehog, that is the best we got so far.

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