First Trailer for ‘Tsurune Archery’ is Released


The latest anime from studio Kyoto Animation has a a brand new trailer. Debuting this Fall, Tsurune Archery is based on the novel Tsurune: Kazemai K?k? Ky?d?-bu (Tsurune: Kazemai High School’s Archery Club).

Although this early trailer consists mostly of image stills, it does offer a glimpse at the characters and their designs, along with the Japanese voice cast and the key staff members of the production. Tsurune Archery will be the series directorial debut of Takuya Yamamura, while the novel’s script adaptation duties are being handled by Michiko Yokote. Additionally, Harumi Fuuki is composing the music and Miku Kadowaki is the character designer.

Based on the Japanese light novel series Tsurune, the anime will follow the story of Minato Narumiya and his exploits – along with many ups and downs – as a member of the school’s archery club.

For those of you who read Japanese, the official website for the series has been launched. Anze Kopitar Womens Jersey

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