The New Dumbo Teaser Trailer Has Been Released And I Don’t Know If I Like This Version Of The Classic Tale

I got a nice surprise today when I saw that Disney released the first teaser trailer for their live-action adaption of Dumbo. I watched it but I don’t think this was a great idea for a live-action film.

I love Disney and some of the most recent live-action films like Beauty And The Beast, Cinderella, and even the upcoming live-action Aladdin film all look really amazing but this one I’m not so sure about. I don’t think that having Tim Burton directing it was a great idea but the major thing I noticed is that one of the┬ámost beloved characters from the animated movie,┬áTimothy Q. Mouse, was missing from the teaser trailer. I loved him in the original movie so it’s a disappoint for me to not see him in this trailer. I hope he appears in the film at some point and they’re just putting the finishing touches on his CGI.

With this movie releasing March 2019, I do feel like my opinion on it will change, but we will just to wait and see.

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