REVIEW: Image Comics Sex Criminals # 25


The Band is finally getting back together! Its the moment we have all been waiting for! written by Matt Fraction and art done by Chip Zdarsky. A lot of things have happened if you haven’t been keeping up like Suzy and Jon no longer being together and Suzy moving back to her mom’s home, which she finds out that her mother is learning and experiencing her own sexuality. Both Suzy and Jon were dating other people but later on they Suzy reaches out to Jon through text message. Now that you are all up to speed lets continue on this new issue!

Shockingly Suzy’s mother house is on fire due to her sex machine catching on fire, the last thing you think that will catch on fire. Sadly Suzy and her mother watch their house burn down, the firemen could not save the house, so they end up staying at a motel until they figure out what to do. In their motel room, Suzy takes a shower, while her mom falls asleep Suzy starts to pleasure herself and goes into Cumworld, now she can freely think aloud about her problems and current situations without being bothered but all of a sudden someone is also in Cumworld and they knock on Suzy’s motel door.

Matt Fraction then transitions to what Jon is up to, which he now living in his car talking to his psychiatrists about a dream that he had. But later teams up with a couple of people from the past who he doesn’t like or trust, which leads up for them to find Suzy whom Jon and she haven’t seen each other since the break-up. Jon is worried because he thinks someone is out to get her and when finding her house burnt the ground he is even more worried. Not only Sex Criminals is such a fun read with there dirty jokes, but no matter what you are always hooked to each issue that you keep going back for more

So dont forget to pick up the new issue on June 27th! Scott Stevens Authentic Jersey

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