PREVIEW: Image Comics Kill or Be Killed #20


If you have read the last issue of Kill or be Killed, you know that the story left on a huge cliffhanger, in a matter of life and death in fact! If you haven’t read the story this isn’t the kind of comic book that you can randomly pick off from the shelf, I advise you pick up the trades, but it wouldn’t be a purchase you wouldn’t regret. Ed Brubaker has done an outstanding job with this series and its one of my all-time favorite comic books to read. Its the kind you cannot put down and you want to know what happens next and to figure out if the main character is being haunted by a demon or is he just going insane. So please do yourself a favor and pick up the trades, you can also follow Comic Realm with Tiffani to get the full-on details of the previous issues of Kill or Be Killed!

Major spoiler alert!

The last issue, issue 19 left on a huge cliffhanger, which the main character who we follow in the story Dylan was shot and was to be continued, well issue 20 is finally here and it starts off where Dylan is on the ground shot and he describes the situation and fades away, then awakes in the hospital questioning himself about how he thought he was dead and talking to the police officer about what happened. Dylan later moves on and begins his life again with his girlfriend, that is that’s what he thinks is happening. Is there really a demon or is Dylan just crazy? and if so is he the only one that’s haunted by it?

If you want to know more pick up your copy June 27th and get all your questions answered!

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