Disney California Adventure’s World Of Color Is Shut Down Until Late 2018


When Disney’s California Adventure finally finished construction of Pixar Pier guests were disappointed to learn that the park’s extremely popular nighttime show attraction, World Of Color, did not return with the new land’s debut.

WDW News Today recently updated their story that previously stated that World Of Color would only be closed until both Pixar Pier and the Incredi-coaster were complete. However, their sources have claimed that “the submerged table that holds all of the show elements (fountains, water screens, etc.) has been severely damaged”.

There was no further information as to the extent of the possible damage or what could’ve been responsible for it.

The official story from the Disneyland Resort is that the attraction is closed for refurbishment through late 2018“. No return date has been announced.

It’s most likely that the resort will try to aim for the attraction to return during the holiday season with its holiday show, “World Of Color – Season Of Light”.




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