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Lego has built some cool sets over the years, but they may have just outdone themselves!!  It has just been released that Lego is releasing a Voltron: Legendary Defender robot.  Retail release will be August 1, but San Diego Comicon goers have a shot at obtaining this for a mere $180.  I guarantee these will disappear fast!  (booth 2829.  RUN!)

Clocking in at a whopping 2,321 pieces, this piece looks extraordinary.  Not only does the Voltron robot look amazing, but it separates into its five lion components, all of which are poseable on their own.  Voltron itself stands an impressive 15″ and does include the signature blazing sword.

Voltron premiered in 1984.  It only lasted a couple seasons, but like a great many cult shows, formed a following that has endured to this day.  Sadly the original cartoon has not aged well.  While it has seen a few variations through out the years, Netflix has reformed Voltron into an amazing cartoon with some of the best story told to date.  Now if we ever get the movie that has been rumored since 2005, we will be in great shape!

This piece may cost you $200, but I can guarantee it will be a signature piece in anyone’s collection! William Hayes Jersey

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