POWER RANGERS: The Legacy Continues and it’s Armored UP!


Sources have reported that we are finally getting another MMPR Legacy figure and this time it’s the iconic Red Ranger Jason wearing none other that the equally iconic Dragon Shield!


We also have found out this will be a Gamestop Exclusive like the ladies from Power Rangers Zeo. Which you can already preorder at Gamestop.com. There is no picture available yet so we can’t confirm all the accessories that will be included for the price tag of $19.99.Hopefully we get something new to really entice us to purchase this figure. We have already seen quite a few “kit-bashes” of other rangers so Bandai better up their game to get those us to come back for another figure to add to our ever growing collection.


Speaking of which if we are going to do every variation of MMPR their is do you think we might even get a Dragon Shield Black Ranger? Or should they press on and get some of the promised figures out before Hasbro takes over in Spring 2019 with the master toy license?


PERSONALLY I would like to see maybe 2 sets of weapons in the pack:

1: A standard set of Power Sword and Dragon Dagger


2: A glowing/translucent set of weapons so you can make the legendary pose as Jason was taking out Cardiatron the monster of the week.


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http://www.thathashtagshow.com/2018/06/the-power-ranger-sdcc-exclusives-from-bandai-have-been-announced/ Joey Rickard Jersey

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