Harlan Ellison, Sci-Fi Icon, Passed Away at 84


Legendary writer and Sci-Fi icon Harlan Ellison has passed away at the age of 84. The announcement came via Christine Valada, the widow of Len Wein who was a friend of both Harlan and his wife Susan.

Susan Ellison has asked me to announce the passing of writer Harlan Ellison, in his sleep, earlier today. “For a brief time I was here, and for a brief time, I mattered.”—HE, 1934-2018. Arrangements for a celebration of his life are pending.

Shortly after the initial announcement, Christine followed up with

If there’s an afterlife, Harlan Ellison and will have a hell of a time. Thanks for the laughter.

Ellison had a long and storied career, known for being a bit cantankerous and curmudgeonly, outspoken and bluntly honest, his writing career started in the late 40’s when he was still a teenager and he went on to write for EC Comics before moving into scriptwriting. Among the many shows he worked on, his best-known work is probably Star Trek’s ‘City on the Edge of Forever.’ He also wrote several episodes of the 80’s revival of The Twilight Zone and 2 episodes of Babylon 5.

I remember learning about Ellison back in the 90’s on the Sci-Fi Channel show Sci-Fi Buzz where he would rant about assorted topics from the world of Sci-Fi.

Harlan will be missed but his influence on the genre will never be forgotten.

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