The Devil At Your Door In The Realm #7


Will and his group press on and continue their journey across the country, but they may be being watched in The Realm #7.

Everyone is still reeling from the attack which killed many close friends from a few issues ago.  David seems to be taking it the hardest, but he is also dealing with being able to shoot lightning from his hands.

When Will is looking for water he gets jumped.  A dart hits him in the neck and then another. When he looks to see who did it he sees some Jawa looking dudes.  It doesn’t appear that Will knows who or what they are.

Meanwhile somewhere deep in the Orc territory we meet their possible Orc king, Johnny Eldritch.  He seems to be human and have human subordinates, but who knows nowadays in this crazy world.

The really interesting thing is who he sees waiting for him back at home base.  A red demon woman named Neera greets him. Eldritch is not pleased to see her and really wants her to leave.  However, since Neera is some kind of demon she doesn’t really care what Eldritch wants.

Neera wants a private conversation with Eldritch and asks everyone else to leave. One of Eldritch’s men doesn’t like Neera’s tone so he pulls a gun on her.  Neera doesn’t really mind she just forces him to kill himself. She did this just with her words mind you.

This issue seems to be the start of a new story arc or at least I hope it is.  A lot of new questions where asked in this issue. The one burning in my head is who is Neera?  Is she the cause of the Orc invasion? Why is she on Earth now and where was she before?

I really like this comic and this issue did a good job of setting up future stories.  This story is a bit slower paced and then goes full speed. It appears this is ramping back up to a faster pace and I can’t wait.

The only real problems I had with the issue is it seemed really short and I was left feeling incomplete.  This series always does that and the issues are very quick reads, but this seemed to be the worst offender.  My second problem which is much worse is no Rook. Rook is so cool, but I didn’t get to see her.  I am not a happy camper without Rook in my The Realm issues.

I enjoyed the issue, but this is just a setup issue for the next story arc so nothing too crazy happens.  It can’t be full speed all the time sometimes we need a little break and that is what this is.






Written by: Seth Peck

Art by: Jeremy Haun and Nick Filardi

Cover by: Baldemar Rivas, Nick Filardi and Jeremy Haun

Release: 6/27/18

Issue: 7

Publisher: Image Comics

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