Stephen King’s The Boogieman Coming To The Big Screen!


As if IT and Pet Semetary weren’t enough, there’s another Stephen King horror story getting a reimagining: “The Boogie Man”. The Master of Horrors short story is being tackled again (for the 8th time). However, this will mark the story’s first adaptation as a feature film.

The Boogyman was originally published in 1973 and later released as part of the 1978 Night Shift Collection. The Boogyman follows Lester Billings, a father who lost his 3 children to a monster in his closet. The story takes place mostly in a psychiatrist office as Lester tells him his horrifying tale.

21 Century Fox is bringing on the writers of the hit horror film A Quiet Place, Scott Beck and  Bryan Woods. Along with 21 LapsSean Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen to produce.

After calling A Quiet Place “Extraordinary,” it’s no surprised that Beck and Woods would be the perfect duo to tackle The Boogyman feature film project; they are able to do so much with so little.

There’s no official release date as of yet.

Source: Deadline



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