RIVERDALE: 7 Actors Who Should Play Cult Leader, Edgar Evernever


A cult leader is coming to Riverdale (called it) and according to the EXCLUSIVE breakdown we received, casting is looking for someone attractive, neighborly, charismatic with a comforting presence, and hopefully someone with 90s/2000s nostalgia pull.

Dear Casting, have I got an Edgar Evernever actor list for you!

Matthew Lillard

You may remember him as the funny, murderous friend from Scream along side Riverdale DILF Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) or as Shaggy in the Live-Action Scooby Doo movies. Most recently, Lillard portrayed the accused murderer, William Hastings, in the Twin Peaks reboot. Lillard is charming, kind, and unassuming. I think he’s the perfect choice.

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