REVIEW: Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Harley Quinn Vs. The Joker #1 is A Fun Ride, But Nothing New


What am I talking about this time: Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Harley Quinn Vs. The Joker #1


Written by:

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Sami Basri

Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque


Overall Review: 3.5 Harley Hammers out of 5


Is it worth a $3.99? Yeah, but just barley.


Spoiler Free Review:

This is a decently told comic, but nothing new. Pretty SOP for Harley/Joker encounters since she first decided to leave him. Aside from the first Prelude to the Wedding, these side stories have been pretty terrible, so I’m not sure if this one is just ok and, comparatively, I think it’s good or it stands on it’s own. The whole Harley/Joker relationship has felt stale for some time and there is nothing new about it here, but the writing and art are solid and work within the characters and world. And more importantly it’s not as shitty as the past few issues.

Spoilery Review:

Here’s the story. Harley finds the joker and roughs him up, She thinks she has the upper hand, he prays on her feelings and tricks her, he escapes to kill. This has been the pattern DC has repeated a few times over the years. I will attempt to lengthen and explain this story better, but let’s be honest, I’m just lengthening it.

A couple kids we will never see again (not that way) are playing by some old Bat-villain hangouts, when they are scared off by the Joker popping out, freeing himself. Just before the clown prince of crime can launch himself at Gotham… he is hit by a car. The car is driven by Harley Quinn who gets out and hits Joker with her famous mallet, knocking him out. When he comes too, Harley is in a baker’s outfit and he is slowly drowning in pudding. Get it?! Puddin’. Sigh. Joker escapes just like Harley knew he would, so she knocks him out again and he wakes up chained up on a love seat. If she knew he was gonna get out, who did they even have the first scene in the first place?!

Now, she’s dressed like a Harley/Cinderella Mash-up and she’s gonna have her big tough goon kill him cause she doesn’t want him to ruin Batman/Catwoman’s wedding. Just before the Axe falls Joker apologizes to Harley telling her that her death traps were always better, this, of course, distracts her long enough for him to reveal his master plan, I guess, of letting her capture him. Or something.

So the goon is really working for the joker and, of course, the Joker kills him. Then they fight. The joker uses holograms to get the upper hand and, using the Axe from the goon smashes Harley in the head… using the blunt end. He confesses that he must not really want her dead and one day she’ll come back to him and then she’ll know what being alone truly means. Joker finds a gun in the trash and heads towards a church to begin his murder spree connecting the comic (and this series?) to Batman #48.




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