Boom Studios’ POWER RANGERS 25th Anniversary Special Released!


Warning minor spoilers ahead!

Power Rangers is one of the longest running children’s programing on the air today. The series will be having its 25th anniversary this year. Boom Studios is celebrating with a special comic to commemorate the success of the series. The new  25th anniversary comic came out today and it consist of some super fun and interesting stories.

One of the first stories is just a fun story about Scorpina wanting to prove herself. The evil empress wants to use an adopt a pet drive to get close to Tommy and turn him evil again.  There are fun scenes with Bulk and Skull and even some fun tug of war between the Tigerzord and the monster of the week. This story is great because we rarely see Scorpina in the series and this story shows that she is still part of the team and still eager to please her masters.

The next story takes place around second season. The story follows Aisha and Adam who feel like they still do not have a a place among the veteran Power Rangers. If you don’t remember Aisha, Adam, and Rocky replaced Trini, Jason and Zack who left the team to be part of a youth peace conference. This story shows Aisha who is very vulnerable and feels like she can never live up to her predecessor. I enjoyed this story and it is great to see some actual character development on these characters that we didn’t get from the series.

The next story is a prequel to Power Rangers Mystic Force. It revolves around Udonna’s connection to her husband and her having dreams about him being alive. In her dream Koragg has him tied up and trapped. As we know from the series this was probably a dream to show that Korag was her husband under a spell. The story is great because while the series was not liked by many we did get to explore more of their history. One really cool thing to is we get to see Rita who in this series is the Mystic mother after being saved by Zordon’s blast in Power Rangers in Space.

Another fun story in the book is one that revolves around the current team. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is our team for the 25th Anniversary and they symbolize that by having this team interact with the first team. Alpha 5 comes and talks about how the Ninja Steel team must go back and defeat a monster from 25 years ago. Here we get to see why each team’s leader is that. Brody and Jason share very similar attributes as leaders and it shows in this fun story.

The last story was probably my favorite one because it revolved around Karone. The story is called The Trial of Astronema who Karone was before becoming the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger.  Astronema was the villain for Power Rangers in Space and she turned out to be Andros’ sister. Towards the end of the season she got redemption and join the forces of good. During Power Rangers Lost Galaxy she got a form of redemption when she became the Pink Ranger. This story focus on all the planets she harmed as the villain.

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