STAR WARS: Solo Blaster Fetches Over Half A Million At Auction


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an authentic piece of Star Wars memorabilia, be prepared to open up that checkbook. And perhaps take out a second mortgage. You might want to consider getting that second job, too.

Julien’s Auctions recently held a sale of Hollywood props and other memorabilia in Las Vegas, at which Ripley’s Believe it or Not shelled out for the top prize: Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster, as used by Harrison Ford in Return of the Jedi. Just how much was the winning bid, according to


That’s right folks; a non-functioning prop made of metal, wood and resin fetched over half a million dollars, and was part of a collection that the films’ art director James Schoppe had owned and held onto for over three decades.

Add that to the $450,000 Ripley’s also paid last year for a lightsaber used in both Episodes IV and V, i.e. the one which Luke unceremoniously lost with his hand in The Empire Strikes Back, and that makes a cool million for just two pieces of original trilogy history.

Fan appreciation for the original trilogy knows no bounds, and folks are even willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for items that for most would seem lackluster in nature compared to the two iconic weapons wielded by two of the saga’s greatest heroes: Mentalfloss reports that a snowtrooper helmet, worn (by an unnamed extra!) during filming of the Battle of Hoth in Episode V, garnered over a quarter of a million dollars.

There is no question that there is an allure to owning a piece of Star Wars history. The franchise shaped a generation, and those in it have no shame in seeking to hold mementos from the films we grew up with and loved.

Me? Let’s just say my budget can’t quiet accommodate the big-ticket items.  I do, however, have an entire shelf in my home office that holds a pretty sizeable collection of original Kenner action figures from my youth. That’s worth something to me.

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