There are many Star Wars novels out there, and just about every one of them is a fantastic read, giving you insight into a universe rich with stories and adventures of a galaxy far, far away. While I can not possibly list all of the amazing books out there, I have compiled a short list of ones that I think are some of the best Star Wars novels available. And in reading them, you get a chance to see things you  haven’t been able to see in the movies. I highly recommend you get down to your local bookstore, or go online, and start reading some of these amazing books.


1. The Bounty Hunter Wars by K.W. Jeter (3 Book Series)- Tells the tale of the great Bounty Hunter Boba Fett, how he survived the Sarlaac, and his involvement with the Bounty Hunter’s Guild and the Empire. (Book 1: ‘The Mandalorian Armor’, Book 2: ‘Slave Ship’, Book 3: ‘Hard Merchandise’). This series of books is easily my top favorite books in the Star Wars universe. Being a big fan of the world’s most famous bounty hunter, it was a hard pill to swallow when he fell into the Sarlaac pit in the battle on Tattoine, and the thought that he was dead. But alas, that is the farthest thing from the truth, and if you want to read the story of how Boba Fett survived, and became an even more powerful and successful bounty hunter, get to your book store and pick these books up.

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