Jeremy Irons Joins The Cast Of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Pilot In A Mysterious Role?


Jeremy Irons, well known for his 1991 Academy Award, 1984 Tony Award, 2007 Golden Globe Award, 2006 Emmy Aw… oh come on… HE’S ALFRED!!!! FACE IT, WE ALL KNOW HIM AS BATMAN’S BUTLER, ALFRED!!!

Anyway, Deadline claims that he just joined the already impressive cast of the HBO and Damon Lindelof’s highly anticipated re-launch, reboot, possibly re-imagining of Watchmen, one of the most famous Alan Moore graphic novels of all time. Other than his involvement as a “Lead”, there isn’t much more to go on, beyond smart-speculation, so let’s do just that.

Let’s start with what we know, Irons is supposedly playing an “an aging and imperious lord of a British Manor.” Now, this doesn’t fit any known Watchmen character directly, but if you look at that sentence at the right angle, it sort of resembles a certain older, retired nocturnal-owl themed hero, who is the mentor to the main character of the Watchmen comic. I’m talking about aka The Original Nite Owl.

He wasn’t British, but he did retire in style and was brutally murdered after handing over his Super Hero Mantle and writing a tell-all book about the exploits of himself and other heroes of his age.

I would be pretty set on this theory, except that Lindelof has stated the show is not an adaptation of the original graphic novel and set-photos seem to place the series sometime after the events of the comic as well… there are even hints that this world deviates from the original in pretty significant ways, including the seeming death of one Adrian Veidt. Who could easily and potentially have faked his death (slashfilm) and now portends to be a British Lord.

Depending on how far past the original comic time line the show is set, Irons would make an amazing Ozymandias and a definite central role in the show considering his part in the original series.

My money is on either of these two, but probably more towards Ozymandias as I would love to see Alfred tearing up the scenery in this role.


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