POWER RANGERS: David Yost Wanted To Make One Change to Billy


Billy Cranston was one of the most iconic Power Ranger characters of all time! Right up there with the likes of Tommy Oliver and many others. Recently  Billy Cranston  has been his part to help curb bullying as part of DoSomething’s You’ve Got The Power campaign. ComicBook.com spoke with Yost about the campaign and the show. When asked what he would change about his character. David Yost stated that if there was one change that he could make to Billy is that he would have kept Billy wearing glasses. If you think back in MMPR Season 1-2, Billy wore glasses. With the release of the first Power Rangers movie Billy’s glasses were swapped out with contact lenses.

Yost stated that the reason that he would have kept his character wearing glasses is due to the fact that there were so many fans out there who wore glasses themselves. There were so many children both boys and girls and who could relate to Billy wearing his. This just goes to show you even after Yost’s time on Power Rangers how he still wants to make sure people who not only wear glasses but people from all different backgrounds are represented.

Do you think that Billy should have kept his glasses on throughout the series? Let us know below!!!

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