Sony’s Silver and Black Production Supposedly Delayed To 2019


After Sony announced that they are working on a Silk spin off movie, rumours have been circulating that Sony’s long awaited Silver and Black movie has delayed its production into 2019.

According to rumours, the film’s script is currently undergoing serious re-writes. This task may prove to be interesting due to constant change up in the writers of the project. The film would focus on the Spider-Man anti hero Black Cat who is a cat burglar and part time hero who teams up with a mercenary known as Silver Sable. These two characters would be the next addition to Sony’s expanding Spider-Man film universe after Venom releases later this year.

These re-writes are mostly due to major plot details being leaked about the film online over the past few months. This is not helped by potential film cameos such as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being rumoured to play a part in Eddie Brock’s first solo outing. All of these elements are likely to be the reason as to why the writers and Sony exec’s are pushing these script re-writes.

Also we recently learned that filming for the upcoming Spider-Man sequel will be wrapping up in December. With the question of Sony’s universe being included in the MCU still up in the air at this point, these re-writes could also be the effect of Marvel and Sony trying to work out a way to include these characters into one connected universe.

The film was announced to have abandoned it’s February 2019 release date and did not announce another one in it’s place, putting a lot of concern into the movie’s pocket. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing when the movie is going to release or when it is going to start filming but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we find out.

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