Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Chomps Incredibles 2 For Weekend Box Office Title


This weekend was a busy one for the top box office getters.  According to boxofficemojo.com The weekend box office goes to the dinosaurs.  Fallen Kingdom came in with a whopping estimated total of $150 million!  This smashes estimates that were more in line with $130 million.  Rotten Tomatoes isn’t scoring well for Jurassic World with 50% critic review score and a 62% viewer score.  Despite that the dinosaurs are the ones who are laughing.  People must see dinosaurs!  Sources are saying Blue has one helluva Swiss bank account building.

Coming in second place is Incredibles 2.  It managed to pull in a hefty $81 million in its second week.  Only dropping 56% in week 2 is pretty respectable.  With no other hard competition coming until Antman in two weeks look for Incredibles 2 to continue to do well and possibly retake the number 1 spot next week.

Oceans 8 came in third with a respectable $11.6 million in its third week only dropping 38%.  In three weeks its made $100 million on a $70 million budget.  Tag and Deadpool2 rounded out the top 5.  Not bad for Deadpool2 in its sixth week.

Look for Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles to hang strong next week. Luke Schenn Womens Jersey

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