Comic Rewind: New X-Men: Academy X Vol. 1


Xavier Institute for Higher Learning gets a new crop of mutants to teach how to use their mutations responsibly.  However, not all students get along in New X-Men: Academy X Vol. 1.

The new students are greeted by the Co-Headmasters, Scott Summers and Emma Frost. Mutants and non-mutants have been divided a long time and many conflicts between the two have occured.  After all this time you would think mutants would be able to get along with their own, but nope.

Julian aka Hellion is a arrogant jerk who gets along with almost no one.  A group of friends comprised of David, Noriko, Sofia, Laurie and Josh have the most issues with Julian.  Josh and Julian hate each other the most, but Julian loves Sofia so he is nice to her.

The X-Men and the Xavier school are always being attacked so Summers decided to come up with a plan.  All students will be grouped up into six teams of six. They will be lead by their adviser and trained to be X-Men should the need to defend themselves or others arrive.

Field exercises are conducted to simulate missions with two teams competing against each other for the same objective. However, Julian’s team plays dirty and quite often is on the verge of a fight with other students.

New X-Men: Academy X Vol. 1 was written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir with art by Randy Green and Staz Johnson.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2004.

This book was not what I wanted from a X-Men book at all.  I want fighting and villains, but this comic doesn’t have that.  This is a book about teen drama and relationships. I think a good way to think of this comic is a teen drama and romance comic with an occasional X-Men character.

Six teams of six doing challenges against each other sounds awesome to me, but we only really see two teams.  Frost’s team with Julian and then Dani Moonstar’s team of David, Noriko, Sofia, Laurie and Josh. We see Summers’ team when he announces them but  not them in action. I wanted to see the other teams because there are three I didn’t get to see. Northstar has a team, but who are the other two?

The volume just withheld everything I wanted from a X-Men comic.  I was so bored by the volume and it relied a lot characters but didn’t establish them very well.  They could have been from a previous comic and were very established in that, but I didn’t read that I read this so I need to know these characters.

I really felt like the story and art was amateur.  The story was really weak and melodramatic with very little substance.  Art was very loose and unrefined. The art in the volume reminds me of art I would see on some kid’s binder when I was in high school.

This is a very rough and disappointing comic.  I wanted to be introduced to some new and exciting characters but we were never properly introduced.

If you want to read a comic with the same spirit but actually good then read Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron.  Wolverine takes over as headmaster and character’s are actually established with a bunch of X-Men and fighting.


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