Mos Eisley Was Set For Its Own Spin-Off?


All A Star Wars Story movies have reportedly been pushed back.  Kenobi and Boba Fett were the two leading front runners, but Mos Eisley?!  The newest rumor floating about is that one of their Story movies was to be focused on Mos Eisley space port.

Mos Eisley was the most colorful, alien filled scene the movie world had ever seen.  All the faces in the cantina spawned countless stories and back stories and trivia over the decades.  There is more than enough material there to make any story you wanted.  In fact Dr Evazen and Ponda Baba get a cameo in Rogue One.  Take pretty much any story idea you can think of and you could most likely tell it from an Eislian point of view.  In fact there is a great legends book called Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina that tell the stories of many of those patrons.

Would any one be interested in it?

The big question is not is there a rich source of material there.  The real question is how do you get people interested in it?  Books are great for this type of lore and do it justice – for the fans.  Fans gobble stuff like this up, but every day movie goers?  The average movie patron has to guard their dollar and pick movies that interest them and enjoy the money they just dropped on it.  I really don’t know that this was a concept that would appeal to enough people to make it profitable.  The non-fans would be more interested in seeing Han and Chewie in Mos Eisley than random bar patrons.  Make Mos Eisley the center of a Solo movie and then you may have something.

Any story based on random Mos Eisley occurrences would not do well on the big screen.  It belongs in books  OR what about a streaming service?  A television show could give greater depth to characters, surroundings and environments than a movie could.  A Disney streaming show could run 10 shows and done, and also save Disney a couple hundred million dollars in production.  If people like it you make more.  If they don’t, you move onto the next idea. Brad Guzan Authentic Jersey

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