EXCLUSIVE: Dino Charge Actors Want A POWER RANGERS And Other Hasbro Franchises To Team-Up

Hasbro has the rights to GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, M.A.S.K., Micronauts and other popular franchises and now you can add the Power Rangers to that list. With all of these iconic properties under one umbrella it would only make sense to team them all up or have them crossover eventually. Every major studios seems to be on the trend from Disney with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros with the rocky DC Extended Universe, and even Universal tried to give it a shot with the Dark Universe. You remember the Dark Universe, right? The ill-fated Tom Cruise Mummy movie was set to kick that franchise off, but landed flat on it’s face.

Universal may not have had luck, but Hasbro has all the right tools to give these other major studios a run for their money. Yes, Disney is at the top of the mountain with Star Wars and Marvel, but Hasbro can take definitely compete. Hasbro has all of the properties that well all loved when we were kids and out parents would buy us the toys. Then we’d take those toys and play with them all together, creating our own crossover in our head canon. Executives now have the power to do this for real.

Power Rangers is also no stranger to crossing over with other major franchises. Back in 1998 the Power Rangers in Space crossed over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who look like they are getting a reboot and new movie themselves. Also, last year the Justice League teamed up with the Rangers to battle Lord Zedd and Brainiac in the Boom Studios/ DC Comics collaboration.

Last weekend at the Super Hero Summer Fest That Hashtag Show hosted a panel of past Rangers including Brennan Mejia and Davi Santos from Power Rangers Dino Charge. Mejia would really like to see a crossover with the Transformers. Mejia stated:

I’m waiting for them to be like, either our Megazord’s become Transformers, so like the next movie Bubblebee is the Yellow Ranger’s Megazord. How cool would that be? And like Red Ranger is like Opitmus Prime. I mean, come on. Or at least in Legacy Wars the game they can have a crossover. They have Street Fighter.

Davi Santos confirmed that Chip Lynn would be returning to the show and he would bring a familiar feel to what we recognize, but he’d also want to see Power Rangers crossover with some popular Hasbro franchises. Here’s what he had to say:

Chip Lynn is still part of the Executive Producing team and if you don’t know, Chip was there for the original Power Rangers series. He was there for Dino Charge and of course, afterwords for Ninja Steel, so and Time Force, so I feel that there will be an consistency that we’re used to because of Chip, however, because of the Brand collaboration we could possibly see crossovers with even, someone was mentioning My Little Pony becoming CGI and showing up on our show. GI Joe and Power Rangers, so the sky is the limit right now and let’s hope that they take off and actually use the altitude because it’s pretty high up there.

Seeing the Power Rangers crossover with Transformers only makes sense. The story almost writes itself. M.A.S.K. is another franchise that Power Rangers can easily insert itself into. Imagine a team of Rangers that were formed by GI Joe? Or the Beast Morphers vs. Beast Wars? The possibilities are endless. Right now is a great time to be a fan of Power Rangers.

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