Rocksteady Isn’t Ready to Show Off Their Superman Underoos, er- Game, Yet


Rocksteady, who sat this year out, left one of the biggest holes on the floor of E3 2018. It was heavily rumored ,and predicted by 4Chan, that the gaming company would unveil the next big Superhero game… A Superman game in the style of the Batman: Arkham series. But in this case, sometimes wishes don’t come true, little Billy.

Rocksteady addressed their absence of E3 as


Now, a LOT of people are freaking out this, claiming it’s confirmation of the Superman game. But let’s be honest, it’s nothing of the sort and people are just reading into the word “it”. Some other detective work that people have used to analyze this statement include this:

Nailed It.

Even if it is an insulation about a Superman game in the works, Rocksteady obviously isn’t willing to show us anything from it, otherwise they wouldn’t have gone unheard during E3, so what is there to get excited about?

Don’t get me wrong, this company that re-defined Superhero games with their Batman: Arkham series. And I’ve played and love every single one of them and as a massive Superman fan myself, would love nothing more than to see the same success applied to what is notoriously known as one, if not the worst, game franchises of all time.

Superman 64, Superman Atari, Superman Xbox… these have all been terrible games that only the biggest Superman nerd, like myself, still keeps on his shelf.

Is there hope? Of Course, we’ve seen a lot of clues from Rocksteady about a Superman game. The now famous “He needs a new cape” comment tops the list.

But the biggest piece of evidence that a Man of Steel game is in the works is that after all these fans raving, ranting, demanding more info, and commenting… Never has Rocksteady said, ”No, we are not making a Superman game.” And this, in the face of a constant barrage of attention and question, is as good as any, ”Yes, we are making a Superman game.” And that’s something to get excited about.

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